Shiva Iridescent Mini Sets of 3


121608 Metallic colors are:- Iridescent Gold. Iridescent Silver, Iridescent Copper

121609 Spring Colors are:- Iridescent Pink, Iridescent Turquoise, Iridescent Leaf Green

121610 Simmer Colors are:- Iridescent Green, Iridescent Dark Blue, Iridescent Purple

121611 Autumn Colors are:-   Iridescent Red, Iridescent Orange, Iridescent Light Gold

121612 Winter Colors are:- Iridescent Pearl White, Iridescent Charcoal, Iridescent Brown

121614 Jewels Colors are:- Iridescent Jade, Iridescent Sapphire, Iridescent Magenta

121616 Sorbet Colors are:- Iridescent Lime, Iridescent Grape, Iridescent Watermelon

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Choose from 7 available sets.  Prices include shipping.

Each Mini Stick measures 1 1/2″ x 5/8″ and are wonderful for use with stencils, rubbing plates or freehand on fabric and almost any surface. They can be applied with brushes, directly using the stick or with your finger and blended.

Shiva Paintstiks are an oil color in solid form. It can be spread, blended with linseed oil and any oil paints.

Paintstiks are Non-Toxic, Fadeproof, Permanent and dry in 24 hours.

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IR Mini Sets

Autumn 121611, Jewels 121614, Metallic 121608, Sorbet 121616, Spring 121609, Summer 121610, Winter 121612