I always try to charge exact shipping. I hate being overcharged for shipping and I do not overcharge for my shipping. I know a lot of sites have a flat rate shipping charge. This does not work for my site as I have a lot of smaller items where the shipping is only $1.40 or $1.90.

I send my smaller orders by First Class Mail letter. The shipping charge comprises of the actual shipping plus PayPal fees and a small amount to cover envelopes, labels etc. ie. 30 cents.

For larger orders I use First Class Mail Package with tracking. Again I only charge actual shipping plus PayPal Fees and $1.00 to cover the cost of bubble mailers, labels Toner etc.

Until I can figure out how to get all the correct shipping classes for the USA and International shipping, I am including shipping charges in the price of all items in my store.

Please note: I do combine shipping, so if you have ordered multiple items, often the shipping will be more than it should be. In these cases I will either add additional product or refund the overage. That is why I ask that if you are wanting to order multiple items to email me with your order, so that I can weigh it, get an accurate shipping cost and then send a PayPal invoice for all the items combined with the correct shipping for the order.

For all International orders please contact me first so I can calculate your correct shipping.