Newly added items

I have just added some On of a Kind Embroidered Christmas Napkins. So far there are 5 different sets but there are more to come. These would make a great Christmas Gift. I am selling these at $29.45 for a set of 4 including shipping.

I have also added lace trimmed Linen/Cotton dishcloths. These were very popular when I sold them last time. They sold out as quickly as I added them to the site. I managed to find some more and am selling them for $22.60 a pair including shipping.

More items added. Chinese Brocade Eye Glass cases with flex frame squeeze closures. Plus other cases

Christmas napkin rings and cute embroidered gift bags

I finally have some of the infant clothing up now, more to come.

Imported Linens are back up

I have added quite a few Embroidery Blanks (more to come)

I will be working on Angelina Fiber next.